Insurance Check on Vehicle

The government authorities are regularly performing insurance check on vehicle, so it is important for any driver or car owner to also be checking diligently about the insurance status of their vehicle. The reason why government authorities regularly check the insurance of any vehicle that utilizes all the public roads of the state is for both the riding public and the pedestrians to be protected. Insurances, depending on what is stated in the policy, can provide not just financial reimbursement but also medical assistance to those who have been devastated by vehicular accidents that may occur. With 200 million vehicles running the roads of the US, for instance, there are high chances that someone somewhere will encounter an accident. As a means of protection, there should be insurance for all vehicles in whatever form. So it is highly necessary to be diligent in insurance check on vehicles.

Who performs vehicle insurance check?

The police regularly checks for the insurance of a vehicle. While some states in the US is not as technologically updated with their traffic system, some are already employing cutting edge technology for the public roads to ensure safety. In UK, for instance, the police are already equipped with a system that allows them to scan license plates at a distance and a system that shows if the vehicle with that license plate is insured. In UK, their Drivers and Vehicle Licensing Agency, or DVLA, has a Motor Insurance Database that can be used by the authorities to verify protection for the vehicle and protection for the public. If the vehicle is deemed not road-worthy for not having any insurance, they will be flagged down, issued a ticket and/or have their vehicle confiscated. In most cases, vehicles are being confiscated. In worst cases, driver’s license is cancelled for a certain period of time until permanently.

Can you perform insurance check on a vehicle owned by you or by others?

Yes. There is already a system that allows either the driver or the car owner or even others to check the status of the vehicle’s insurance. In the United Kingdom, they are making use of the website Using the system, the car owner may log in the VRN, or Vehicle Registration Number, of the vehicle. Take note that VRN is unique in every vehicle. Right from the start when the car is manufactured, they are assigned with a unique number by the manufacturer. This number may be entered by the owner into the system and the system, which is regularly updated by all the insurance companies, will show the insurance status of the vehicle.

For those who encountered an accident, they can also perform insurance check of other vehicles to file for their claim. Although in their case, the system is not for free, and they must have the proper police report to enter into the system, so that they will be able to check the insurance status of other vehicle. To perform insurance check on vehicle in the United Kingdom, you may open the website and learn.

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