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Don’t worry! It’s how to solve Windows 10 Blue Screen of death easily

For you, users of PC or laptop devices must have been foreign dong with a condition of a blue screen that makes the PC suddenly hangs, and the screen turns blue?

These errors often appear suddenly, making the user not have the time to save the data first.

It is certainly a problem that is very disturbing for anyone, so few people are looking for a way to solve this problem.

But don’t worry! Because this time, I will tell you some ways to solve the Windows 10 blue screen.

How to solve Windows 10 Blue Screen of Death

There are several ways that you can solve Windows 10 ‘s blue screen.

Therefore, here, I will talk about how one by one. Let’s take a look at the following steps!

How to solve Windows 10 Blue Screen with CMD

For those of you who are still confused with the features on PC, devices may solve the problem of Windows 10 blue screen. This will be very difficult to do.

Luckily, the Windows operating system is equipped by a software called Command prompt or CMD.

Through this software, you can use the SFC Scannow command, which is useful for checking while repairing damaged system files thoroughly, including the blue screen condition.

To do so, you can follow the steps below.

Step 1 – Search for CMD software

  • First, you type “cmd ” in the Windows 10 search field.
  • After that, right-click on the command prompt software and select the option “Run as Administrator.“ If there is a User Account Control window, you select the “Yes ” button.
how to solve Windows 10 Blue Screen of death

Step 2-Type the command SFC Scannow

  • Next step, you type the command sfc/scannow to start checking the damage that may be present in Windows 10. Then, press the Enter key on your keyboard.
  • After that, the checking process will run.
how to solve Windows 10 Blue Screen of death

Step 3-Restart your PC or laptop

  • If the SFC command check process is completed up to 100%, then you restart your PC or laptop. Until this stage is finished.

But, if it turns out your laptop still has a blue screen, maybe you can try the other way below.

How to solve Windows 10 Blue Screen without reinstalling

For you who lazy reinstall Windows, there are some alternative ways to solve Windows 10 Asus, Acer, or Lenovo blue screen without reinstalling.

Curious to know how? Here are some ways you can solve it.

Clean PC or Laptop RAM

how to solve Windows 10 Blue Screen of death

Believe it or not, in many cases, a problem in the RAM mostly causes the blue screen that occurs on PC or laptop devices.

RAM is indeed one component that is easy to experience an error, especially if the usage age is long.

RAM itself is one of the key components that serve to read, store temporary data, and various program instructions.

Therefore, a very important role that makes the user should observe the cleanliness of the RAM.

The way to clean it is also very easy, and you need to scrub the yellow metal part of RAM using the eraser.

But, if the laptop still has a blue screen even though the RAM component is cleared, then the final solution is you should replace it with the new RAM.

Stop for PC Overclocking

how to solve Windows 10 Blue Screen of death

Must you already know the term overclock that refers to the way to make a device can run at a higher speed?

Although it is capable of making PC performance higher than usual, overclock risk causing system device to be not stable until damaged PC components.

It’s not impossible if it also makes your laptop experience a blue screen. Usually, the code that appears on this issue is CLOCK-WATCHDOG-TIMEOUT.

Therefore, to solve the blue screen problem, you can try to stop overclocking on your laptop or PC.

Overclocking yourself can be so long as not to impose clock speed over the limit you can expect.

Reinstall VGA Driver

how to solve Windows 10 Blue Screen of death

In addition to RAM problems, VGA drivers also often make PCS or laptops with the Windows 10 operating system experiencing a blue screen.

Just that, in this case, it usually happens because it is caused by a compatibility problem or installation of a failed or unsuccessful VGA driver.

The blue screen problem caused by the VGA error itself is usually characterized by an error code such as VIDEO_TDR-ERROR, VIDEO-DRIVER-INIT-FAILURE, VIDEO_SCHEDULER-INTERNAL_ERROR, and others.

To overcome the blue screen with this error code, you can try to delete the old VGA driver through Safe Mode then reinstall the VGA driver.

Besides, you can also update the VGA driver to the most recent version.

Reinstall Windows 10

how to solve Windows 10 Blue Screen of death

If the above ways are still not able to solve the Windows 10 blue screen, the last solution you can try is to reinstall Windows 10 on your PC or laptop.

Although this way is a bit more complicated, especially for you who have never done it, the article on how to reinstall Windows 10 may be able to help you to do each of the steps.

Reinstall OS seems to be a powerful way of tackling the Windows 10 blue screen that you can do when there’s no other way to fix it.


How to detect hidden cameras in hotel rooms

Although it has been banned for a long time, a hidden camera installation case never seems endless. Not just a guy, even sometimes some naughty inns deliberately attach a hidden camera in the bedroom area and the bathroom. Not to know what the motive is, but obviously, it will undoubtedly hurt the visitors who stay in the room.

Well, to avoid the things that are not desirable due to the installation of hidden cameras, you need to detect them in the following ways. For your comfort and privacy, always do when staying at the hotel, yes!

How to detect hidden cameras in hotel rooms?

1. Before occupying, make sure you have checked the presence of hidden cameras in the bedroom and bathroom areas

How to detect hidden cameras

You can read the property descriptions or view the photos of the room more thoroughly. To make it more convincing, try asking directly to the employee who received your reservation. If it is felt safe from the hidden camera, then you want to fix it to stay there.

2. It’s important to know the shape of the hidden camera and check it in every corner of the room

How to detect hidden cameras

Most hidden cameras do not have cables that make them can be installed everywhere. Hence, when you enter the inn, try to check correctly every corner. You shouldn’t miss any areas that are hard to reach, though.

3. You can also use the hidden camera detector app on your phone

How to detect hidden cameras

Wireless cameras will usually be easily detected using the app. Well, before entering the hotel, well, you have already downloaded the app probe first. Here are some apps you can use:

  1. Don’t Spy (iOS)
  2. And (Android and iOS)
  3. Glint Finder (Android)
  4. Hidden Device Detector (Android)
  5. Hidden Spy Camera Detector (Android and iOS)

4. In the evening, try looking for a hidden camera using your smartphone’s camera

How to detect hidden cameras

Most hidden cameras can record dark rooms thanks to the help of infrared rays. You can detect it using your phone. In dark mode, open your phone’s camera and scan the entire room to find a small illuminated light that can only be seen from the phone.

5. In addition to the phone camera, you can also use matches to detect the presence of hidden cameras

How to detect hidden cameras

The camera has a glass-like lens, which if given light will illuminate. For that, try to note electronic objects such as televisions and alarm clocks next to your door. If there is a point of reflection, then in the purpose, there is a hidden camera.

6. Well, if you find anything suspicious, immediately cover with other objects

How to detect hidden cameras

Use a dark towel, shirt, or cloth to cover any suspicious objects in your room. Usually, hidden visibility will not penetrate the objects. Or, if possible, you can turn off the power flow through the terminal.

Don’t need to be a secret agent to be able to detect this hidden camera. If you’re thorough and careful, you’ll quickly find it. It’s always good to do this if you stay at a hotel or lodging, so you don’t want to happen.